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Click on the picture beside and you'll find out your surname trajectory, your ancestries around the world and several more amazing thinks.

Walk through it all, satisfy your curiosity about your surname, take time to write down informations you didn't know and share with your family and friends. Please let us know what more you have known, in order we can post them all here.

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There are children's photos, old and young people photos, groups, families, objects, things, houses, collectors articles, finally a lot of priceless curiosities.


Some Ancestries Biographic data
Written Articles and similars
Family Achievements
Reports, Compositions, "Stories", etc.

You cann't even imagine how many interesting and valuable things you can find in the links above. There is a history of early family in Brazil. There is a short history of how it emerged and developed the idea of developing a family tree of Lusvarghi Family in Brazil, There is information about the achievements of family members who stood and still stand out in public, commercial and industrial world of the country and so on. Lusvarghis around the world are invited  to participate, sharing their own infomations.

Family Coat of Arms


After a long time, our family researchers found a coat. Here it is. Emilio Lusvarghi (from Argentina) sent it, which is discribed like that:: "As for the family coat of arms, it consists of a shield surmounted by a crown of pearls, alternately cut by horizontal stripes blue and white (four blue and three white) and in its interior a rampant lion in contoured position (facing left )".

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