The Group of Joy

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In the Pub, Club or down the street.

That was a fun team, Nuzi's team. Al of them were workers and very good in their job, very correct,  serious men, but, at the fun time, these guys were priceless. They had an incomparable joy and were as party lovers as they own. They formed a carnival group that, every year, went down the city's streets, on a van, during the parade of cars, decorated or not, as was costomary at that time's carnival, with Blocks, Samba Schools (which went on trucks) and revelers, alone or in pairs (who went on foot) because, if more than a double, it was a Block. Very cool.

I don't remember the name of someone; so won't place any name here, but I miss them all. It's been over 60 years. Wow. A lot of time.

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